US's Default in Oct. and World Financial Crisis on Earth Global Chain Revolution

US's default in Oct. and World financial crisis on Earth

Global chain revolution

Sep. 23, 2013
     In the USA, as a result of forcing the notorious neo-liberalistic economic and social policies, 37% of young peoples are the jobless, Food Stamp (free meal ticket, SNAP) beneficiaries due to poverty reached 46.67 mill. people in Jun 2012 (announce of Department of Agriculture).It's more than the total population 44.5 mill. of Spain.

     Average $132/month (about ¥13,200) of the SNAP's entitlements is a threat of existence. 50 mill. people don't take meals frequently. Including them, 103 mill. people are the poor in the US, 30,000 Americans die by suicide each year. An additional 500,000 Americans attempt suicide annually. The DSPO(Defense Suicide Prevention Office) has announced it. This is a result of the Tyranny by the capitalist plutocratic slave rule. 

     Moreover, according to a space info, the original slavery has been revived because of rapid increase of debt-insolvent peoples in the US where are male and female slaves of about 40 mill. people, including the women's sexual slaves in NY State and other States. The US has become the largest all over the world human rights violation nation.      US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew notified Congress on Aug. 26, this year that default of the federal government takes place in mid-October. Since debt reached the legal obligation limit of 16 trillion 394 billion in May this year, the Obama Administration has surpassed in the diversion of pension funds of the Federal nation civil servants, but it also has come to the limits. FBI Director James Komy decided the non-payment two weeks vacation of the staff of 3,000 people. The FBI decided to stop the public affairs of the 2013-14 fiscal year due to the Federal budget cuts in the new fiscal year beginning of 1st, Oct., this year. Crimes will increas rapidly, bringing on the US society's anarchy.     The US economy and the dollar collapse because of default. In the 1930s Depression about 5 mill. people starved, which was disclosed barely lately, but in this time it will be 10 times more. The CIA special operations director's ex deputy W. Boikin predicted that the national food crisis, threat of survival, nationwide riots, the emergency declaration by FEMA, the new civil war - all these occur. These occur from the dollar's collapse. It leads to the Obama administration overthrow and the New American Revolution. These are the inevitable consequences of US's own crimes. 
The beginning of these events was the inner job of 911 by the Bush Administration and Afghan and Iraqi invasion and occupation under fabricated excuses. This brought on everything: Pakistan aggression, Libya invasion, de facto invasion of Syria. Global financial and economic crisis is caused by the collapse of the US dollar and economy. Global chain revolution takes place from the USA.
Moreover, The solution of piled huge Karmas of the world's largest terrorist nation, invasive inperialism of USA is inevitable, and the US's East, CA State and Israel sink into the sea by the global general cleaning of Earth by the Creators.      US's national bonds of $1 tril. 135.4 billion (\113.5 tril.) being held by Japan as of July, 2013, and yen currency also turn to paper pieces due to the US default.   

     The situation in Japan becomes similar to the US.  Japanese, do struggle in order to make the government carry out free provision in kind of day-to-day necessities of foods and others. That can become the way out of turning to everything  gratuitous services society in accordance with the Providence of the Creators.

Do know the Providence of the Creators: "Aim at all things' free services society on Earth"




Crime of UN investigating group's report US default in Oct.

UN investigating group's report on sarin weapon use was betrayal to shield aggression criminals in Syria by US, Israel alliance and mercenary troops         US default in Oct. brings on new American revolution

Sep. 18, 2013
    General Secretary of UN Ban Ki Moon (Korean) announced on Sep.16 the report of the investigating group on the chemical weapon use in Syria. The report concluded that the surface-to-surface missile which was put the sarin warhead was fired on Aug.21, 2013 to Syrian capital Damascus's suburbs Guta. The report concluded that nerve gas sarin of the quality higher than in Iran-Iraq war was used, but it avoided pointing out, whether the Assad regime or mercenary oppositional troops used it, and abandoned and betrayed the peacekeeping duty of the UN with a purpose to shield criminals  in Syria by the aggressive US & Israel alliance and their mercenary troops.
    According to a information from the Many space blocks control world of the Creators, a surface-to-surface missile equipped with sarin warhead made in the USA was provided by the Israeli intelligence Mossad, and their anti-Establishment mercenary troops used the sarin weapon on Aug.21 aiming at the Syrian government overthrow.

    It was the new war crime in Syria following the strategy to repeat the pattern of Afghan and Iraqi aggression by the fabricated excuse in the inner job of the 911 event.
    According to a Newsland.ru's article (Sep.16, 2013), UN's Committee on  Syria and various research institutes pointed out that approximately 1,000 hired soldiers sneaked in Syria from approximately 50 countries in the world. They are mainly groups of so-called jihad (crusade) following a principle of the Islam, and among them there are the former Christians converted to Islam. They consist of Africans, Arabs, Afghans, Chechens and others.
    They do not recognize the borders and think that Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Palestine territory is one nation "Syam". Their purpose doesn't have any common point with the democratic establishment in Syria, following the strategic course for redivision of the Middle East by NATO's imperialism of the USA, Britain and France. They are opposed and struggling between partners and are fighting against the moderates groups.
   The belligerent and aggressive Christian NATO imperialism conspires in the aggressive war in Syria with them who is following the Islam's expansion cource by the war. It is the concretization of the NWO (New World Order) strategy by Illuminati consisting of Rothchilds and their subordinates Rockefellers which are shapeshifters of Reptilians of the Lizard (4-dimensional reptile type humanoids covered by scales from head to foot). http://gold.ap.teacup.com/tatsmaki/48.html     http://tatsmaki.blogspot.jp
     Both in the case when Obama Administration forces war crimes of the aggression in Syria without war approval by the Assembly following the US Constitution, and in the case of US's default outbreak and dollar collapse in October, 2013, in any case, the new American Revolution occurs and wins the victory.
    At the case, if Abe homeland-treacherous neo-Nazi Cabinet changes constitution interpretation illegally against the constitution interpretation of all past Cabinets in Japan and accepts "the right of group self-defense" with the US troops, Japanese "self-defense" troops will participate in the aggression wars by US troops as their subordinate, as it's widely pointed out in Japan.         If such the homeland-treacherous policy dosn't be stopped, it opens the road   along which the "self-defense" troops participate in aggression wars against  Syria and Iran, the aggression to Russia, i.e. the WW3 by NATO headed by the USA along the strategic cource of Illuminati (the leadership of freemason) aiming at the NWO (New World Order).

    It will accelerate general cleaning of Earth including the USA and others  by the Creators.  The US East, CA State and Israel sink into the sea. Next, in Japan occur: the huge eruption of the Mount Fuji in the south side midway and crushing ruin of the Kanto district including Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohama, etc., the Nankai Trough gigantic earthquake of M9.1, 33m-tsunami and crushing ruin of the central district including Nagoya, Kansai district including Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, etc., West Japan slowly sinks into the sea. These are warned by the Creators.

    In Russia Putin pointed out, "the United Nations will trace the fate of the collapse same as the former League of Nations by invasion by US in Syria"  (Russian voice site).
     In the case of UN collapse, Shanghai Cooperation Organization SCO (China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and SCO observer participating nations (Iran, India, Pakistan, Mongol, Afghanistan), SCO talks cooperation countries (Belarussia, Turkey, Sri Lanka), SCO guest participating nations (Turkmenistan, ASEAN) may face the new case of the United Nations foundation.
    On the other hand, the USA's default rises in the middle of October, 2013, as Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew already gave notice of it to the US Assembly on Aug. 26, 2013. That means collapse of the US dollar and economy, food crisis, American peoples of "We are the 99%!"face the threat of existence and rise up to anti-Establishmant actions, US civil war, a coup d'etat, the new American Revolution occur and win. It shows the possibility of the new United Nations appearance without the worldwide largest terrorist nation USA imperialism too.



Turning point of Americans' life

Aggression plan in Cyria by Obama collapsed
Sep.11, 2013
   The US invasion task force in Syria was annihilated on August 31, 2013 by a spaceship of the Galactic Federation leadership following the order of the Creators. It is inevitable that the US task force of nuclear-powered carrier Nimitz is annihilated in this September too. The majority of the House of Representatives objects to invasion in Syria, and the all U.S. demonstrations against invasion in Syria have reached a climax. Facing such the situation, Obama suspended invasion in Syria. The autority of president B. Obama thoroughly fell.
    On the other hand, the US default will happen in the middle of Oct., 2013, as US Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew pointed out.


Turning point of Americans' life

Sep.11, 2013
     Like US Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew pointed out, in the middle of October, 2013, in the USA default will happen. The dollar collapses and it becomes the worldwide financial crisis.
     All paper moneys are turned to mere paper pieces. Money is the root of all evil.
     Starting from free supply of foods and other daily necessities for all peoples, do aim at transition to the new Earthian's society of everything gratuitous services following the order by the Creators !


US Situation - to the new aspect: Or forcing full-scale open aggression war crime, or New Civil War and New American Rovolution

[New info]
To the new aspect in US situation: 
Or forcing full-scale open aggression war crime, or New civil war bringing on new American revolution

    Deliberations of Syria invasion bill began in the US Congress House and Senate Committees on Foreign Relations. Obama met with a Republican J. McCain and others on Sep. 3 and announced that he made to infiltrate into Syria backward sabotage troops of 50 people which were over training by CIA for Syria attack. McCain and colleagues supported the attack Syria.

     Before, Obama expressed that Syria attack will be limited to air strikes and ground war will not be carried out, but Obama converted the attack operation cource in this time to force the invasion ground war as, surely, USN's warships, submarines and USAF's corps were annihilated, and the operation of attack by cruise missiles collapsed. This new line shows the open violent invasion in Syria which is open aggression meaning violation of the UNO Charter.
     On the other hand, under the heading "Military Revolt Against Obama's Attack on Syria", Infowars.com site of Alex Jones showed the turning of the situation in the US in the night of Sep.2, the local time (i.e. in the morning of Sep. 3, the Japanese time) , but he ceased announce at only heading. It seems that the US situation have come into the important aspect on the aggression in Syria: Or forcing full-scale open aggression war crime by Obama Administration, or the civil war bringing on the new American revolution. The new American People's Revolution wins the victory.

War crimes of aggression in Syria by US imperialism will collapse
- Obama Administration's aggression corps with military support by combined forces of reptilian-humanoids and Draconians for aggression in Syria were   annihilated on Aug. 31 
In Sep. too their corps are annihilated
Diktatorial governor Jay Rockefeller and U.S. puppet Obama Administration having faced the threat of the collapse of dollar and U.S. economy have found a way out of the crisis in the war of aggression in Syria, Iran aggression, the WW3 against Russia, and so they staked on these wars.
It is already known that almost all of the so-called Syrian  "Oppositional" forces are terrorists-mercenaries who was bought in the US, UK, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries, and through military training entered secretly into Syria.
Therefore, it has become a aggression war in Syria by de facto NATO imperialism headed by the USA and the countries of the Persian Gulf.
4 US Navy's destroyers were in the state of readiness to attack  Damascus by cruise missiles from the East of Mediterranean Sea and waiting for the order on attack from Obama and Hegel.
But, the American submarines were annihilated there by a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Planets following the order of the Creators of the Space-blocks control world.
     According to
 a space-info, Obama Administration and Pentagon have been greatly shocked because of the huge blow, and were panicstricken. But Rockefeller and Obama didn't reflect.  

     They demanded military support from Reptilian-humanoids of the Lizards (the fourth dimension's Reptilian-humanoids covered with scales from head to toe) which are the aggressors and rulers of the earth from ancient times, as they are of the same kind. Reptilian-humanoids approved for military support and demanded military support of his boss Draconians of the Draco (the fifth dimention's two-legged and winged animals: the official emblem of London city, UK) .Information on Reptilian-humanoida and Draconians: http://gold.ap.teacup.com/tatsmaki/48.html
     The a
nti-establishment website Infowars.com of Alex Jones in the US wrote that, according to the Israeli largest newspaper, Obama Administration has decided that after the investigation team on use of chemical weapons in Syria left on the morning of August 31, 2013, Saturday, USN's warships and
submarines under the support of USAF's air corps attack Syrian capital Damascus with many cruise missiles.

However, Russia sent a fleet of warships in the sea close to Syria.
In that case, if the Russian fleet brought down US's cruise missiles to defense Syria, the situation can turn drastically into the USA-Russia war, the WW3.
At the UN, the information was already known: Anti- istablishment terrorists corps used the sarin weapon in the suburbs of Damascus. But the UN investigation team said because of the American and British pressure: "We are not going to announce who used chemical weapons." However, a member of the investigation team may identify as a inner prosecution.
New war crimes as the 2nd version of
war crimes on Afghan and Iraqi aggression and occupation under the fablicated pretext in the 911-event as their own work is already widely known throughout the world.
The House of the British Parliament rejected a bill to attack Syria. Administration of Cameron at night on August 29 decided to move away from Syria. And Italy, Canada and Poland have expressed opposition to the plan by the US military intervention in Syria outside the UN Security Council.
US imperialism has been isolated.
However, the comprador neo-Nazi cabinet of stupid Abe began a joint military campaign with the US forces under the name of action against pirates in the Hormuz Strait.
Abe has been sneered from Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries.
As for the beginning of the military intervention in Syria by the world's largest invasive terrorist nation of USA imperialism - it became the so-called Star Wars by the combined forces of Reptilians and Draconians against the combined forces of the Galactic Federation of Planets.     

[ Important] According to a space-Info, US troops under the military support of the combined forces of Reptilians-humanoids and Draconians tried to attack Damascus by many cruise missiles from warships and submarines of the US Navy under the support by the USAF's troops in the first half of August 31. 2013.
However, just before the attack the said above all troops were annihilated by the space fleet of the Galactic Federation following to the order by the Creators.
At the same time, the powers and ruling layers of Reptilians of the Lizard and Draconians of the Draco were annihilated by the Space-blocks control World of the Creators on Aug. 31, 2013.  

     This great event became the one more epochmaking turning point  in the history of Earth leberation struggle after the annihilation of the Headquaters of Reptilians' and Draconians' agression and rule in Shambala. 
     Obama administration and Pentagon suffered one more major blow and shock, and fell into a state of despair and atmosphere of stagnation. But evil J. Rockefeller and B. Obama has not abandoned the aggressive military adventurism.
Obama's decision to require the approval of the bill on the beginning of the military aggression in Syria in the session of Congress on September 9, this year. This step is also no prospects.
     J. Rockefeller and Obama accelerated the term on sinking in the sea of the US's East and California State as a chain's link of the general cleaning of the earth by the Creators.
     Is there a way out of the ruin ? It is possible to stop the aggression war in Syria, getting off hands from Syria as demonstrations in the all US are urging Obama, the new American people's Revolution and its victory, and the transition to a new society of gratuitous services in all fields of human life following the order by the Creators. Advanced civilization of planets recommend realization of such change of Earth.
     The demonstration of British workers which staged under the banner of
"Abolish Money !" at the time of leaders' meeting of G20 also is showing the future of Earthian. This demo became a epochmaking turning point in the history of Earth liberation movement.
     Follow British workers in the USA, China, Russia, EU countries, Japan and all over the world !