War crimes of Syria aggression by US imperialism suffer collapse ― Aggresive forces of US's Obama Administration with military support by Reptilians and Draconians' Allied Forces for aggression in Syria are annihilated

War crimes of Syria aggression by US imperialism suffer
ーAggresive forces of  US's Obama Administration with military support by Reptilians and Draconians' Allied Forces for aggression in Syria are annihilated

     The US dictatorial ruler Jay Rockefeller and puppet Obama Administration having faced the threat of dollar's and US economy's collapse found a way out of crisis in Syria aggression war, Iran aggression, the WW3 against Russia and they have betted on it.
     It has been already known that almost all Syrian so-called "Oppositional" military corps are mercenary terrorists who employed by the US, Britain, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others, and were trained militarily, thus sneaked into Syria. Therefore it became the aggressive war de facto by NATO headed by the USA and the Persian Gulf countries in Syria.
     4 USN's destroyers were in the offing of Syria of the East of Mediterranean Sea in the standby state for the cruise missile attack enforcement to Damascus, awaiting a sortie order of Obama and Hegel. But, they were annihilated together with USN's and British submarines there by a Galactic Federation's spaceship, following the order of Creators of the Space blocks control world. 

     Obama Administration and Pentagon were severely shocked, suffering the huge blow, and were upsetted. But Rockefeller and Obama who are shapeshifters of Reptilians demanded support from Earth aggression rulers Reptilians of the Lizard (four-dimensional crawler type humanoid covered by scales from head to foot) since the ancient times, as they are the same kind. Reptilians obtained apploval on military support of their boss Draconians of the Draco (five-dimensional alate bipedal animals, the official emblem of London city, UK) .
Information of Reptilians and Draconians:  http://gold.ap.teacup.com/tatsmaki/48.html
     As a Israeli largest newspaper wrote, according to the anti-Establishment site Infowars.com of Alex Jones in the USA , Obama Administration decided that after chemical weapon use investigating group of the UN left the field in Syria in the morning of Aug. 31, 2013 Saturday, USN's warships and submarines attack the Syrian capital Damascus with a lot of cruise missiles. But Russia dispatched a war ships fleet to the offing of Syria. When this Russian fleet strikes down the US cruise missiles for defense of Syria, the situation may develop drastically into the USA-Russia war, the WW3.
     In the UN, a information has been already known : it is an anti-Establishment mob corps to have used the sarin weapon in the suburb of Damascus.  The investigating group declared due to the US's and British pressure : "We don't intend to announce who used the chemical weapon". However, a member of investigating group may reveal as a inside prosecution. New war crimes to force the reprint of war crimes on the Afghan aggression, occupation under the fablicated excuse in 911 playing of own work will be found out. Therefore a hypocritic Nobel prize laureate B. Obama, the US Secretary of Defense Hegel and others are going to force attack operation in Syria before an investigating group goes back to its own country and announces the findings.
     The House of Parliament of UK rejected Syria attack bill of the Cameron Administration in the night of Aug.29 and decided to hand off Siria.  Italy, Canada, Poland expressed disagreement on the invasion in Syria plan outside the UN Security Council too. The US imperialism stood alone. 

     Therefore the stupid Abe homeland-trator's neo-Nazi Administration started the joint military campaign with the US's  invading army under the name of measures against pirates in the Hormuz Strait. Abe is sneered from Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries.
     As for the invasion start by the worldwide largest aggressive terrorist nation USA imperialism in Syria, it becomes so-called Star wars by Reptilians' and Draconans' Allied Forces" vs. "Galactic Federation of planets". The Reptilians' and Draconians' Allied Forces supporting US invading army will be annihilated by the space fleet of the Galactic Federation leadership.

     Moreover, the governments and the ruling layers of their own countries will be swept away by the Creators. Furthermore, J. Rockefeller and B. Obama accelerated the timing of sinking into the sea of the US's East and the CA State as the Earth general cleaning by the Creators.

    Is the way out of the ruin? Its possibility is in the stop of agression war in Syria, handing off Syria as the all American demonstrations are demanding, the new American people's revolution, its victory and transition to the new society of gratuitous services in all fields of human life, following the order by the Creators. ETs of the advanced civilization's planets are recomend realization of such a way out  for earthmen.



USN's 4 destroyers, USN's and GBNavy's submarines to attack Syria were annihilated by a Galactic Federation's space ship

War crimes of aggression in Syria by US imperialism will collapse- Obama Administration's aggression corps with military support by combined forces of reptilian-humanoids and Draconians for aggression in Syria were annihilated on Aug. 31  In Sep. too annihilation2013.9.1
Diktatorial governor Jay Rockefeller and U.S. puppet Obama Administration having faced the threat of the collapse of dollar and U.S. economy have found a way out of the crisis in the war of aggression in Syria, Iran aggression, the WW3 against Russia, and so they staked on these wars.
It is already known that almost all of the so-called Syrian  "Oppositional" forces are terrorists-mercenaries who was bought in the US, UK, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries, and through military training entered secretly into Syria.
Therefore, it has become a aggression war in Syria by de facto NATO imperialism headed by the USA and the countries of the Persian Gulf.
4 US Navy's destroyers were in the state of readiness to attack  Damascus by cruise missiles from the East of Mediterranean Sea and waiting for the order on attack from Obama and Hegel.
But, the American submarines were annihilated there by a spaceship of the Galactic Federation of Planets following the order of the Creators of the Space-blocks control world.
     According to
 a space-info, Obama Administration and Pentagon have been greatly shocked because of the huge blow, and were panicstricken. But Rockefeller and Obama didn't reflect.  
     They demanded military support from Reptilian-humanoids of the Lizards (the fourth dimension's Reptilian-humanoids covered with scales from head to toe) which are the aggressors and rulers of the earth from ancient times, as they are of the same kind. Reptilian-humanoids approved for military support and demanded military support of his boss Draconians of the Draco (the fifth dimention's two-legged and winged animals: the official emblem of London city, UK) .Information on Reptilian-humanoida and Draconians: http://gold.ap.teacup.com/tatsmaki/48.html
     The a
nti-establishment website Infowars.com of Alex Jones in the US wrote that, according to the Israeli largest newspaper, Obama Administration has decided that after the investigation team on use of chemical weapons in Syria left on the morning of August 31, 2013, Saturday, USN's warships and
submarines under the support of USAF's air corps attack Syrian capital Damascus with many cruise missiles.http://www.infowars.com/report-us-attack-on-syria-to-begin-saturday/
However, Russia sent a fleet of warships in the sea close to Syria.
In that case, if the Russian fleet brought down US's cruise missiles to defense Syria, the situation can turn drastically into the USA-Russia war, the WW3.
At the UN, the information was already known: Anti- istablishment terrorists corps used the sarin weapon in the suburbs of Damascus. But the UN investigation team said because of the American and British pressure: "We are not going to announce who used chemical weapons." However, a member of the investigation team may identify as a inner prosecution.
New war crimes as the 2nd version of
war crimes on Afghan and Iraqi aggression and occupation under the fablicated pretext in the 911-event as their own work is already widely known throughout the world.
The House of the British Parliament rejected a bill to attack Syria. Administration of Cameron at night on August 29 decided to move away from Syria. And Italy, Canada and Poland have expressed opposition to the plan by the US military intervention in Syria outside the UN Security Council.
US imperialism has been isolated.
However, the comprador neo-Nazi cabinet of stupid Abe began a joint military campaign with the US forces under the name of action against pirates in the Hormuz Strait.
Abe has been sneered from Germany, Italy, Canada and other countries.
As for the beginning of the military intervention in Syria by the world's largest invasive terrorist nation of USA imperialism - it became the so-called Star Wars by the combined forces of Reptilians and Draconians against the combined forces of the Galactic Federation of Planets.     

[ Important] According to a space-Info, US troops under the military support of the combined forces of Reptilians-humanoids and Draconians tried to attack Damascus by many cruise missiles from warships and submarines of the US Navy under the support by the USAF's troops in the first half of August 31. 2013.
However, just before the attack the said above all troops were annihilated by the space fleet of the Galactic Federation following to the order by the Creators.
At the same time, the powers and ruling layers of Reptilians of the Lizard and Draconians of the Draco were annihilated by the Space-blocks control World of the Creators on Aug. 31, 2013.
     This event became a epochmaking turning point in the history of Earth laberation movement.
Obama administration and Pentagon suffered one more major blow and shock,
and fell into a state of despair and atmosphere of stagnation.
But evil J. Rockefeller and B. Obama has not abandoned the aggressive military adventurism.
Obama's decision to require the approval of the bill on the beginning of the military aggression in Syria in the session of Congress on September 9, this year. This step is also no prospects.
     J. Rockefeller and Obama accelerated the term on sinking in the sea of the US's East and California State as a chain's link of the general cleaning of the earth by the Creators.
     Is there a way out of the ruin ? It is possible to stop the aggression war in Syria, getting off hands from Syria as demonstrations in the all US are urging Obama, the new American people's Revolution and its victory, and the transition to a new society of gratuitous services in all fields of human life following the order by the Creators. Advanced civilization of planets recommend realization of such change of Earth.
     The demonstration of British workers which staged under the
banner of "Abolish money !" at the time of leaders' meeting of the G20 is showing the future of Earthian too.

[New Info]

USN's 4 destroyers, USN's and GBNavy's submarines to attack Syria were annihilated by a Galactic Federation's space ship  

2013.8.28; Renewal: 8.29                                                                                     

     According to a spacee-info, a Galactic Federation's space ship sallyed out, following the command by the Many space blocks control world of the Creators, attacked and sank 4 USN's destroyers in the East of Mediterranean Sea near from Syria which were on standby for the buttle to attack by cruise missiles against Syria on Aug.29, 2013, following the command of Obama Administration. It was around 20 o'clock there.  

     Moreover, USN's and GBNavy's submarines were annihilated too by the Galactic Federation's space ship at around 01 o'clock on August 09, 2013. 

    Obama Administration and Pentagon, according to a space-info, facing the sudden turn of situation because of the big military blow, are in large confusion. But they may not reflect on evil crimes.

    The biggest all over the world terrorist nation US's imperialism under dictatorship by Jay Rockefeller suffered financial collapse because of national debt over 70 tril. dollar as the result of 911 by playing of own work, invasion and occupation of Afganistan, Iraq and other agressive policy. Moreover, the US are now facing breakdown of dollar and national economy.

     Thereat J. Rockefeller and Obama found a way out in the aggressive war start in Syria and war expansion to Iran, the WW3 and have betted it on these wars. But they suffered now breakdown in the 1st step.  However, they may not reflect, but they, contrariwise, may strengthen aggressive military adventuristic actions in Syria. It accelerates the general cleaning of Earth beginning from the USA.          

TTP and TAP don't have time to prevent economic collapse and New People's Revolution in USA


     In the U.S. national debt has reached to more than 70 trillion dollar, state finances have collapsed, the main stronghold of the automobile industry, ie Detroit suffered a collapse of the finance and the city became a ghost town, more than 100 cities and many States are in the situation of collapse of  finances, and the United States is facing the collapse of the dollar and the national economy. 29% of total population of 103 million people are facing the threat of existence.
    Then the USA's dictator Jay Rockefeller conceived getout from the crisis due to the hijack of Asia and the EU countries. This is the strategy of TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) and TAP (Trans-Atlantic Partnership). However, such hijack of their economy takes time and it's not in time.
     The protest movement in more than 100 cities in the U.S. against the abolition de facto of constitution disclosed by E. Snowden, according to a space-info, is growing into a new American People's Revolution, and that wins the victory under the influence of the pole shift of the sun in November, 2013.
     Thus, according to a space-info, in China, Russia, the EU countries, Japan, etc. too the new people's revolution wins the victory
     Do know the command by the Creators, "Aim at transition to a new society of gratuitous services in all areas of earthmen's life."



Pole shift of sun and worldwide revolution

Pole shift of sun and worldwide financial crisis

Revolution in USA, China, Russia, EU and Japan

Aug. 7, 2013; Renewal: Aug. 9

     Pole shift of the sun brought on the Iran-Iraqi war in 1980, breakdown of the USSR in 1991. In this time, according to a cosmo-info, pole shift of the sun will occur in Nov., 2013, which brings on breakdown of American dollar and US's economy, uprising of 350 mill. people,

including the poor of 103 million people, the new civil war all over the US, the New American Revolution and its victory.

     In this process worldwide financial crisis happens and economy in China, Japan, EU, Russia, etc. suffers breakdown. Money turns into paper chips all over the world. In China 1 bn. people, including the poor of 700 mill.people, may face threat of existence, and the New Chinese Peoples' Revolution occurs and wins the victory.   

     Under the influance of the new Chinese revolution in Russia also occurs the New Russian Revolution. But it does not become the Lenin-Stalin type of revolution. It becomes the new peoples' revolution. 

     In EU occurs the new peoples' revolution in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.  

     In Japan Abe's neo-Nazi power is overthrown and the new innovative cabinet is established, but its political cource remains in halfway. However, the social tsunami
of revolution, which occurred in east and west of the oceans around Japan, forces Japanese to be headed for revolution, thus, epochmaking in Japanese history revolution win the victory. 

     But, under conditions just as those are now, the interference possible from the side of Satan-resembling being of each rank which is working under the laissez-faire principle by creatures' spontaneous growth cource in the Space blocks control world of the Creators. This shows the potencial indefiniteness in revolutional change of society on Earth.